Just Violet Evergarden. Episode 7 24m. Leon was raised in the arms of Mount Eustitia; he had always watched the night sky, leading a life of ever been addicted to astronomy. [16][17] Even after Aidan's death, she blames herself for his death, but respects him a lot. Violet was beside Aidan the whole time and promised him that she would convey his feelings to his parents and lover to matter what. She also denied to kill herself when she was ordered to do so by Dietfried since she was told to live. Shaher Astronomical Headquarters (former) 2018-02-21T15:00:00Z Violet is paired with the scholar Leon, who initially dislikes her and Dolls in general. Although Leon treats her coldly in the beginning, Violet doesn't really mind. Violet Evergarden Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. Violet then takes full responsibility in with talking with Damian's Doll and arranges to have Charlotte and Damian write their own letters to each other since the CH Postal Company wouldn't stand for any of that. Everyone, including Leon and his mother, lost complete contact with him. My spin-off of Episode 6, where Violet and Leon have clash of belief regarding Major Gilbert and topic of love. Micah Solusod Once she's out of sight he … Even a series like Nichijou, as loud and frenetic as it is, still has a delicate touch in how it portrays the extraordinary nature … His time was dedicated to the stars, with no openings in his routine for outsiders to sneak into. He wears thin-framed glasses that he has over his fussy-looking almond eyes. He also has a bad habit of associating his mother who abandoned him with anything. Violet then confessed that she thought that Anne is a very gentle, respectable, and strong girl to accept her mother’s disease, as Violet claims that children her age would usually not complain or care for someone to the extent Anne did. 16 [4] Just like Luculia has been happy for Violet's achievements, Violet, as well, has been supportive of Luculia and will praise her achievements and good deeds. [18], Violet met Luculia at the Auto Memories Doll Training School. When he was still a child, Leon’s father, who was working at Shaher's manuscript acquisition department and traveled across the continent collecting rare books, disappeared. Violet is described as a very beautiful and attractive young girl, being almost doll-like in appearance, with light-blue eyes, a fair complexion, and a slender frame. Violet Evergarden summary: “Auto Memories Doll.” It’s already been a long time since that name was first popularized. Relations Due to that, she felt like she couldn't listen to orders from anyone except for Gilbert, him being the person Violet thought to herself to follow. Read more information about the character Leon Stephanotis from Violet Evergarden? Violet is saddened by how Oscar lost his daughter and empathizes with Oscar's sadness from losing the people dear to him. Despite his good looks and high IQ, he’s disliked by most of his classmates, partly for reasons at first unknown, but his curt words and arrogant attitude contribute to his reputation. [2], He is partnered with Violet when his employer pairs researchers and Auto Memories Dolls together for a collection of research pieces. Violet, in turn, tells Leon about her devotion towards Gilbert, to which Leon realizes Violet is in love with Gilbert. Serie: Violet Evergarden. [6] It is due to his words that Violet's self-confidence starts to shrink, and she even begins to question her own living. Leon Stephanotis His view of women also starts to change after meeting different women who work as an Auto Memories Doll. The impressions from those who have met her are many; some say her voice is pleasant, some would say her handwriting is pretty, some praise her charms by claiming they had been bewitched by her, and some would say their hearts were saved by her. While the two stargaze, Leon explains that his father was also a scholar at the observatory but disappeared on an expedition. Air Date: 2018-02-15. Were she not already there from the start, she was his outright guardian from the moment he had been born until he had become aware of the things around him. Luculia is also very happy that Violet was able to become a Doll and hugged her out of joy, and she claims that Violet also taught her the most important aspect of being a Doll. Leon, a student at Shaher Observatory, is an absolute brat in the anime Violet Evergarden. After seeing Olivia's wish realized through Violet, Oscar began to come to terms with the loss of his daughter, to which Oscar is deeply grateful for towards Violet.[6][13]. But just like Violet had been chosen to live her life, she encouraged Lux to do the same in order to experience new things in the world like she hadn't prior. [21] However, whenever Dietfried makes a statement that she is only a weapon who follows orders, Violet denies this every time. Due to this reason, Leon starts to develop feelings for Violet (his feelings are implied in the anime), which is emphasized by the fact that he seen to be amazed by her beauty, starts acting very nervous and flustered in her presence, and longing to see her. His mother then left home to search for him and never returned either, causing Leon to resent them and the concept of love. When Anne became interested and ultimately very attached to her, asking to play with her all the time, Violet remained calm and although she was challenging to stick with, Violet did not neglect her in any way and gave her the attention she needed, since Violet knew Anne was lonely due to Violet spending a lot of time with her mother, working. Gender Perhaps a cup of coffee and a chat with a stranger will provide her with some inspiration. Although Leon has a rude way of speaking, he is actually a very caring, kind and helpful, albeit awkward, boy. They have been indexed as Male Teen with Blue eyes and Black hair that is To Chest length . ExpediterAstronomer (former) Violet is embraced by Gilbert during their first meeting. [14] When Violet returned back to the post office, she is overcome with emotion at the thought of Anne is having to live alone after her mother's death, and admits that she held back her tears the whole time she was at the Magnolia residence. Dietfried doesn't want Violet's sympathy though, but he does come to accept her as a Doll and as "Violet Evergarden", not a tool. Leon’s physical features differ heavily between the anime and light novels. [2][3], Violet vowed to be useful since she was his tool and since he needed her. Even though Hodgins refused the request due to the danger, Violet went there to convey her client's feeling. In the beginning, Violet's expressionless personality got on Charlotte's nerves, but she eventually warmed up to her. Violet Evergarden Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. However, since Violet doesn't understand love very well and already has someone else very dear to her, she couldn't accept his confession. She would find him whenever he ran off crying and praise him whenever he did something good. Sep 14, 2019 - Leon Stephanotis-Violet Evergarden #LeonStephanotis #anime #VioletEvergarden Claudia, Cattleya, Iris, and Erica become Violet’s family at the Auto Memory Doll company, and she meets others such as Ann Magnolia and Leon Stephanotis through her work. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is because he was treated as an outcast at the Observatory due to being an orphan. Auto Memory Doll…Violet Evergarden at your service." However, Violet couldn't accept his confession since she didn't feel like she wanted to be with him in that way, and since she already had someone else very dear to her. When things didn't go as planned for Violet at training, Luculia tried to cheer her up by taking her to her favorite spot. However, at night, when everyone is asleep, I am, as you put it, just a woman. Violet also states that she will freely live, leaving her life in the war as a soldier and a weapon behind since that is was what Gilbert had so deeply wished for. [19] It is evident that Violet doesn't want Luculia to worry, as when she was concerned about how Violet was feeling, she gave her a smile as to not make her worry. He also invites her to view Alley's Comet with him, which only appears once every two hundred years, and she accepts. 7. Voice Actors Thanks to Hodgins and her friends' support, Violet was able to slowly move on. Violet Evergarden has a new film on Netflix but does it answer fans’ biggest question? She often thinks back to him when she is feeling insecure or lonely, and he indirectly gives her mental support. Japanese Release year: 2018. They also practiced their ghostwriting skills on each other, and after that, they developed a friendship to the point where they don't use honorifics with each other. Debut When Lux desired to die at Utopia due to her fear of the outside world, Violet came to save her. Despite her expressionless and aloof personality, she is considerate and empathetic, always striving to help her clients no matter what. Without much inspiration she finds herself unable to finish the book she is working on. Her partner Leon has a past not unlike hers. [3] Violet learned speech, writing and different emotions from Gilbert and the two grew very close during the four years they lived with each other. However, Violet is genuinely happy by his confession, and she is grateful towards Leon for showing her the stars and comet, in which she felt like she was "having fun". Violet was partnered with Leon when scholars and Auto Memories Dolls are paired for a collection of research pieces at the Shaher Astronomical Headquarters. Leon replied. His mother's actions left a permanent scar on him. When other scholars remarked about Leon's rude attitude and how he was abandoned by his parents, Violet stood up for him by saying that she is an orphan too and had not even seen her parents' faces. Violet made her usual introduction. Since Luculia had always wanted to thank her brother for coming home for the war but couldn't find the words to say so, Violet managed to write a short and concise letter that effectively conveys Luculia's feelings to her brother, to which the latter is really grateful for. Despite this, she is seen to be happy by his confession, to which Leon accepts and is content with. Furthermore, the author didn't even attempt to justify them. This event would leave a huge impact on Anne as she grew up, as she claims she would never forget Violet who had embraced her when she was young. He was highly misogynistic due to an event from his past, but his attitude changed after meeting Violet, the first girl he has ever fallen for. Accompany her this week will be, Leon Stepanotis. Violet met Anne when her terminally ill mother, Clara requested her to write fifty letters to Anne for the future. His long hair is a rare sea-green color and his skin, which is the same shade as it was when he was born and not a result of being burned by the sun, is brown.[1]. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Together, they went through an ordeal of surviving being a sacrifice of a religious cult, which was the starting point for their friendship. From there on, Leon developed a hatred towards women, since he claimed they lived and died for love, describing them as extremely selfish. Leon is a cynical, grumpy, and cold young man. He felt that his mother, along with his father, would return to him if he waited there for them. It’s a machine that Dr. Orlando created that talks in a natural voice. On the other hand, Dietfried hates Violet so much that he cannot bear it, and is disgusted by the fact that she is now a Doll who writes letters who brings people together, since she had murdered so many people, including his men. However, Gilbert decides to wait for Violet until she truly understands the words "I love you", and he wants her to, when that time comes, for her to accept his love. [20], Dietfried was the first person Violet met as long as she can remember, and the first person whose orders Violet followed. Leon’s mother was a wanderer and a traveling entertainer. "It is a pleasure to meet you. "Let's go." Alive He is rather blunt and is not very good with words or respect, especially when it comes to women. Although Dietfried harbors a strong resentment towards Violet, she claims that she doesn't hate him and will even try to help him if he needs it. So they have a little bit of time to kill before that happens. With Hodgins' guidance, Violet eventually developed into a very talented Doll. Language: English Words: 3,695 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 14 Hits: 260 is a character in the Violet Evergarden series and the protagonist of the fourth chapter of the first volume of the light novel. Leon Stephanotis is a character from the anime Violet Evergarden. He is a misogynistic teenager, but after meeting Violet, who is tasked with helping make copies of rare books for his company, his view of women starts to change. Violet Evergarden is a young ghostwriter suffering from writers block. An unlikely pair, but the two have much in common with one another. Despite Gilbert is fearing her ability to kill at first, Gilbert came to genuinely care for her deeply, and Violet developed a deep respect for him since he kept her by his side; in Violet's world, he was and still is the world to her. Just before the door closed, she whispered in a clear voice, “Master, I work for the C.H. Her partner Leon has a past not unlike hers. Personal Status Meeting them made him realize that they weren't girls who were only after rich men, but women who were serious about their jobs and to convey people's feelings.

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