Whenever a main character died, They never let you stay with the body. Far cry 3 ending question? Conflict or anger itself does not have to cause an irreparable rift between partners. Was this guide helpful? However, Vaas could have been brought to Citra as a toddler and at such a young age, he could have easily accepted her as his sister. A Special Outfit for the Deputy in Far Cry 5 of Citra, along with Vaas became available after update 1.06 as a free purchaseable Ubisoft Club reward. Far Cry 3 join Citra or save friends ? I think having Vaas in the ending would have made a better ending. Citra's Temple But I reloaded my save before the credits ended, and then chose to kill my friends and join Citra which made absolutely no sense because there's no way that Jason would have killed his brother and friends. Far Cry 3Join Citra / Save your friendsPlease make sure to LIKE the video. ... Far Cry 3. Far Cry 3 Xbox 360 . Jason then drops the knife. Discuss the Far Cry series, share your custom maps, or party up with other players! The ending of Far Cry 5 occurs after you eliminate all of Joseph's lieutenants and confront the cult leader in his compound at the center of Hope If he saves his friends, he leaves the island on a boat. From Los Angeles. Summary: In Far Cry 3, you find yourself stranded on a tropical island, a lawless place ruled by piracy and human misery. Though the ceremonial blade is not there. Citra pleads for him to join her, saying that he cannot go back and that the jungle is his true home, adding "they will move on, have kids and boring lives". As the screen is fading out as Jason dies, Citra tells Jason he is a warrior and should die a warrior and whispers "You won" right before the game ends. Far Cry 3 Save Your Friends Ending ending takes place after you decide to spare Liza’s and your friend’s life despite Citra’s effort to make you a warrior without burdens. No matter where you go, you’ll see amazing talent through the work of other designers in the field. Considering the connections between Alice in Wonderland and Far Cry 3, Dennis is a likely representative of The Dormouse. They land on a pirate-infested island, and are taken priso… So to bring it back to the title of this post, the ending ruins the narrative of Far Cry 3. Your email address will not be published. Hard Choices is the thirty-ninth and final Mission in Far Cry 3. If you choose to join Citra, Jason will slit Liza's throat. *SPOILERS* Which ending did you pick? Father's dead. She then leaves into another room. They just throw the ending at you without so much as an explanation and that's it. I think he stays on the island but I may be wrong “When you first escaped from Vaas's prison camp, I did my research. share. Far Cry Game Info. The gosunoob.com content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of gosunoob.com. Yaga Review – Wonderfully Weird Folklore RPG. Dennis begins to weep and screams for her not to die while apologizing for accidentally stabbing her. In his absence Citra rose through the ranks maturing in c… 5 years ago . Dennis spends all his time with the Rakyat (like The Dormouse at the tea party), was Citra's second-in-command prior to Jason's arrival, he grows to resent Jason for growing into Citra's favourite soldier, and got drunk to cope with his jealousy. But I hardly see how that in any way is acceptable or satisfactory. Far Cry 3 is a masterpiece of symbolic storytelling. Jason is also holding the knife that he retrieved earlier for Buck, but then returned to Citra.