from Hyderabad, 15 kms from medak town on the medak-yellareddy road. The best time to visit this sanctuary is during the months of September to January. Use our Medak trip itinerary maker site to arrange your visit to Pocharam Reservoir and other attractions in Medak. Distance from Hyderabad: 80 kilometers from Hyderabad. Medak is situated around 100KM from Hyderabad via Outer ring road. A Password Reset Code has been sent to your email address. It is famous for the Medak Cathedral which was built in 1914. Crocodile, fresh water turtles, Cobra and Marsh can be located in this sanctuary.The flora of the sanctuary make the sanctuary livelier with green vegetation like Babul prosopis, Pistia, Hydrilla, Eichornia and Vallisneria. During peak monsoon season water flows over the dam like a mini waterfall. There is not much water in the reservoir, but place looks nice with full of grass surrounding water. This is a nice place to relax and play in the water. ... Other tourist destinations in and around Medak, including Medak fort, Pocharam dam, have been witnessing a huge number of tourists during the weekend. ABOUT DISTRICT. The sanctuary is the homeland of various species of animals and birds. If you are visiting Nizamsagar Dam, this place can be visited with 1-2 hours extra effort, Need transportation from my Starting City. An Activation Code has been sent to your email address. Nine small islands in the middle of the reservoir are the main breeding areas for birds, crocodiles and turtles. We are working on your enquiry and will get back to you with best prices. It was a former hunting ground of the Nizams of Hyderabad. It belongs to Telangana region . This is a nice place to relax and play in the water. The tile's design is an intricate one in six colours red, brown, black, yellow, chocolate and grey. Medak Church; Medak Fort; Gottam Gutta; Distance: Distance from Medak to Pocharam Sanctuary: 15.2 km; Hyderabad to Pocharam Sanctuary: 114 km; Distance from Nizamabad to Pocharam Sanctuary: 120 km; Warangal to Pocharam Sanctuary: 167 km; … Login Here. This is an ideal tourist place to visit from Hyderabad and spend few hours.Pocharam Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 130 sq km. It is located 50 km south of Guntur City. Here my inputs Lakes: * Pocharam dam reservoir, Medak: 110 km. Your password has been reset successfully. There was infact a double storied vacant building standing by the dam. ... you can sit under the tree shade and have your meal and walk a bit on the Dam or dip your feet in the water. At a distance of 2.3 km from Medak Bus Station and 95 km from Hyderabad, The Medak Fort is situated in Medak town of Telanagana State. February 25, 2019 Michelle Job 1 Comment. It is well connected via Rail too. Kandeleru Dam is an irrigation project built on Kandaleru river in RAPUR MANDAL ,Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. This place is around 16 KM from Medak town. This is one of the popular tourist places to visit in Telangana and among the prime place to visit on a Hyderabad tour. Medak Church is 2nd largest diocese in Asia and is made of beautiful pink tint stone Also known as the Bapatla Beach, it draws a large number of visitors on weekends and holidays.Suryalanka Beach is situated at a distance of 9 kilometers from the town of Bapatla, in Guntur district. The district administration has been planning acquisition of boats We heard a lot about this beautiful place -Medak. The small dam near Pocharam village is across river Alair, a tributary of river Manjira is commonly known by the name Pocharam Dam, it is about 16 kms from Medak town which in turn is about 100 kms from Hyderabad. The construction over the Dam had started in 1916 and had completed by 1922. K&K’s Day Trip to Medak District, Telangana – Pocharam Dam + Medak Church + Medak Fort. Enjoy the attractions of this popular tourist spot. :i and holiday merchandise now B I G 0 A Y S ... 433 W. Church St. There is an Eco-Tourism center where visitors can see different species of Antelopes and Deer. The fort was originally known as Methuku durgam, which denotes cooked rice. The main tower of the church is 175 ft … Yedupayala Temple. Please enter the reset code below along with new passwords. Medak church all set to usher in Christmas. The main entrance proudly displays the double-headed Gandabherundam of the Kakatiyas. Boating is available to take the visitors around the sanctuary for bird watching. We are working on your enquiry and will get back to you with best prices. This is an important historical site around Hyderabad.The fort was built in the 12th century during the reign of the Kakatiyan ruler, Pratapa Rudra. Login Here, Your password has been reset successfully. It has three main entrances, the Prathama Dwaram, the Simha Dwaram- that has two snarling lions at the top of the entrance and the Gaja ..... At a distance of 1.5 kms from Medak Bus Station and 96 kms from Hyderabad, Medak Cathedral is the largest church in entire Asia and second largest in the world after Vatican. Vijay and they grew up together. It was completed by 1924 and had taken ten years to complete. The river Manjira is the main river that adds life to the jungle. The Pocharam Dam Reservoir is yet another tourist spot in the city of Medak that is considered for short stay for picnics and get together. Please enter the email address you registered with Photos of Medak Church, Medak Fort and the Pocharam Reservoir The Medak Cathedral built in 1914 in Gothic style is considered to be the largest in Asia. Please wait... the destination details are being loaded. Now our kids are best of friends. The Cathedral is built in Gothic style and is considered to be the largest in Asia. This is the best route to take. With so much to lure your senses and offer you recreation at its best, get drenched in the spirit of adventure that you get to explore at pocharam reservoir, Medak. Your request is submitted successfully. Vijay’s parents and their parents are buddies. The architecture of the fort represents a blend of Hindu and Islamic styles. Please enter the code below. The sanctuary is the homeland of various species of animals and birds. and Mai! Night camping Beside Lake @ Pocharam Forest Participants - 14. The main tower of the church is 175 ft high and the cathedral can accomodate 5000 people at a time. Km is an amazing place for spending you day close to nature. Medak Church. At the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, visitors can see local flora and fauna. Sat, Nov 24, 2018, 12:30 PM: Join us this weekend to get an exhilarating experience of camping under the starry sky, besides a serene lake and amidst the MYSTERY that surrounds it all!Come one, Come a on 12.10.2013. Trip to medak church. Binoculars and books on identification of birds are also available. Panther, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai, Chowsingha, Chinkara, Hyena and Jackal are the main attractions of the sanctuary. The medak church is one of the largest in India and the glass paintings are just so beautiful and scenic. Ramayanpet to Pocharam : 2-lane and road condition is very good. The Cathedral built in Gothic style was inaugurated in 1914 and completed in 1924. This trip demands considerable trekking / walking, No itineraries found for the selected filters, Please provide below quick details to receive best quote for your upcoming trip, Need transportation from my Starting City. Been there with friends on a weekend evening in the rainy season. The church was built by Reverend Charles Walker Bosnett, a British missionary in Hyderabad. Medak Fort, Medak Cathedral & Pocharam dam We had a chance to visit Medak and some part of Nizambad districts in Andhra Pradesh (Future Telangana state!) Pocharam Dam. #Pocharam Dam Overflow# Edupayala Durga Temple # Medak. Before visiting Medak, I had done preliminary research on internet and read several travel blogs and had known about a haunted house by the Pocharam Dam.