Does the studio set aside a “blank hour or two” each week or once a month to use for make-up, with the teacher paid? Journal of Generic Medicines: The Business Journal for the Generic Medicines Sector. On Feb 6, 2016, the General Office of the Chinese State Council (i.e., the Cabinet) released a new policy on the re‐evaluation of quality and efficacy of registered generic medicines (General Office of Chinese State Council 2016). The answer to “how many?” or “how often?” will surely be dependent on the demand for places at the studio. Second, Chinese regulation on generic drugs will move toward international standards. Follow Us On Twitter italki Teacher Attendance Policy . It’s a fact: Consistency in your studio makes a big difference for clear parent communication. This lesson can be made up at another time with no added cost, when: Was there a sudden illness? 2- We will keep track of your missed lessons and will let you know when a special event takes place. The re‐evaluation will be implemented in a stepwise approach. It’s also possible to set a policy that if a lesson is canceled with more advanced notice, a partial fee is charged. Unlike a doctor or hairdresser, I cannot resell your time slot to another client. Join Us on Facebook Key aspects of re‐evaluation of generic drugs in China (in Chinese), Questions and Answers on generic medicines, Generic medicines policies in the Asia Pacific region: ways forward. One area can that can cause friction unless it’s clearly spelled out is the policy regarding missed lessons or classes. 1,2, Mingzhe Xu. SLT . Posts about missed lesson policy written by Claire. All missed lessons will be charged in full. The reform of the drug review system in China was launched in 2000, from which assessing clinical interchangeability with recognized comparators was not a compulsory requirement (State Council Information Office 2016). As demand grows, it should be possible to gradually tighten the policy. Subscribe to the RSS Feed, Celebrating Beethoven: Overcoming Adversity Through Art, Set it, forget it! Cost-effectiveness of olanzapine in the first-line treatment of schizophrenia in China. Missed lessons must be paid for but we will give you a catch up lesson which you can take at another time convenient for pupil & teacher, ideally within 2 weeks of the missed lesson. Snow Days On days where the weather is bad, or school has been canceled due to snow, I will still be available to teach. After all, they may well have been in place, ready to teach. Sometimes that happens. 1, Sarah L. Barber. If the student is unable to make it to a lesson, please let me know as far in advance as possible. There are NO REFUNDS. Is there a credit or refund offered to parents? Policies Superseded by This Policy: • Previous 1-2-12 3360-20-15 Missed Class Policy, former Main Campus policy, effective date May 13, 2002. nitial effective date: 1/22/02 by Faculty Senate; posted February 7, 2011 Missed lesson policy and your studio. Find our make up lesson scheduler here. and still manage this as a business. Missed Lesson Policy | Missed lessons. MISSED LESSONS: Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. To address these concerns, the Chinese State Council released a policy in 2016 to ensure the interchangeability by re-evaluating the quality and efficacy of generic drugs. Enter your email address below and we will send you your username, If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username, © 2021 The British Pharmacological Society,, I have read and accept the Wiley Online Library Terms and Conditions of Use, The need to cover generic medications and generic substitution practice in the curricula of pharmacy colleges in Saudi Arabia, The need to incorporate generic medicines topic in the curriculum of Yemeni pharmacy colleges. All cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance. Via the re‐evaluation of generic drugs in China, several benefits can be expected. What if the student/parents are unavailable during the make-up time? Specifically in China, medical doctors doubt the efficacy and the quality of generic drugs manufactured domestically. COMMENTARY Make up a missed lesson-New policy to ensure the interchangeability of generic drugs in China Baobin Huang1, Sarah L. Barber1,2, Mingzhe Xu1 & Shuanghong Cheng1 1Division of General Management, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control and WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Quality Assurance, No.2, Tiantanxili, Dongcheng, Beijing, China Supporting your teacher in this situation is key, of course. All generic drugs registered currently by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration for which bioequivalence with a recognized comparator drug has not been reviewed should participate in the re‐evaluation. I will do my best to accommodate all missed lessons for any reason. Is It Important to Win Awards as Musicians? Missed lessons are not eligible for rescheduling and one of your lesson credits has been used for this lesson. Creating extra teaching time in which to give make-up lessons means that I have to forgo time that I have set aside for other activities (usually family time). It intends to make up a missed lesson in the regulation to be in line with internationally accepted practices. MISSED LESSON POLICY We are aware that occasionally, you may be in a position where your child cannot attend their normal session. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, Please note that instant booking feature will be disabled if you missed more than 1 lesson. 2013). Group lesson policy: No make ups or refunds are offered for missed lessons by individuals in the group. Our monthly price is based on 4 lessons per month. However, the widespread understanding of “cheap price equals low quality” has a negative impact on the acceptance of generic drugs. It intends to make up a missed lesson in the regulation to be in line with internationally accepted practices. At one point does the number of missed sessions result in canceling further make-up sessions? Students are entitled to receive material from one missed lesson per term. Tel: 00861067095918; Fax: 861067095962; E‐mail: Missed lesson policies Tuition covers 30 individual lessons and 15 group classes. Switching from originator brand medicines to generic equivalents in selected developing countries: how much could be saved? For extended absence due to illness or injury, credit will be provided on submission of a doctor’s note. Community Music School Missed & Make-Up Lesson Policy Private Lesson Policy: If a student misses a private lesson and contact was made in advance (24-hours) with the teacher: The teacher and student need to find a time to make up a lesson at the earliest convenience The student will not be charged for the missed lesson The prices are per lesson (50 min.). Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. Because I count on this income you will still be charged for that lesson. Below is an article from a parent which sums up the reasons so I have reprinted: I’m a parent of children enrolled in Suzuki music lessons. Any paid lesson credit for this lesson has been rolled forward to a future scheduled lesson. If comparators are not available, a full scale clinical efficacy and safety trial should be conducted. Missed Lessons If you must miss a lesson due to illness or unavoidable conflict, you may attempt a swap with another student from the Swap List provided at the beginning of the year. Overall, strengthening the regulation of generic drugs was therefore essential to address concerns related to the quality of generic drugs. Commentary: Combating Sale of Counterfeit and Falsified Medicines Online: A Losing Battle,,,, If so, how is the teacher paid? Generic drugs should be interchangeable with originators in terms of quality and efficacy. If you apply this to your studio, then your teachers teach while you keep down the “noise level” they need to deal with. It’s a fact: Consistency in your studio makes a big difference for clear parent communication. In addition, the re‐evaluation steps forward in the alignment with the stringent regulatory bodies. Without clinical interchangeability demonstration based on comparable clinical efficacy and safety studies, the bioavailability of generic drugs could be sensitive to a difference in quality properties, affecting the interchangeability of a generic and originator drug. Once the renewal registration is approved, the generic drugs manufactured in the same production line would also be considered bioequivalence with the originator drug and can be accepted. You can see why it’s critical to address this issue and make sure it is clear to all of the  teachers, parents and students in your studio. Occasionally, based on the circumstances, tutors might cancel or reschedule lessons without charging a student for the missed lesson. It is estimated that approximately 1900 pharmaceutical companies and 18,000 generic drugs should participate the re‐evaluation procedure to ensure the quality of generic drugs in China over the next three to five years. hospitalization?). Each student is allowed ONE excused absence lesson per subscription all other absences are not guaranteed a makeup lesson time. Missed lessons cannot be rescheduled, which means payments for missed lessons are not reusable, refundable, or transferable. interchangeability of generic drugs in China. Here are some thoughts, drawn from my experience in a variety of teaching situations as well as many, many years as a student. Baobin Huang. Missed Lessons Policy. Missed Lesson Policy . The re‐evaluation is a watershed moment for domestic generic drugs firms – faced with the choice of re‐ensuring the interchangeability of their generic products in line with the currently upgraded regulatory standards or withdrawing from the market. After all, if a teacher has a “gap” between other scheduled lessons, that time is wasted for them. Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research. However; the widespread perception of “cheap price equals low quality” has a negative influence on the confidence of both health professionals and patients, thus impeding the implementation of generic substitution in China in the future. Missed Lesson Procedure 1- Email or call 516-735-2984 in advance if you will be unable to keep the lesson appointment . Extended illness: How do you handle protracted illness (mononucleosis? Cancellation policy. There could be other issues to include in your absence policy that are unique to type of studio you run. It is simply too difficult to offer makeups in a way that is fair to everyone. Missed Lesson/Vacation Policy. Lessons may be rescheduled for the following reasons: Illness (up to 3 lessons due to illness will be rescheduled- please stay home if you are sick!) Third, the implementation of the re‐evaluation policy could build confidence of the international community on Chinese made generic drugs and make them more competitive in the international markets. Interrupted time-series analysis of the impact of generic market entry of antineoplastic products in China. I will then use that time or other times to plan for the student’s progress, locate materials, provide a progress report to the parent(s), etc. Family Emergency: How does your studio show respect for family situations (loss of a relative, etc.) Is bill rate set to cover this time on average over the week/month so your studio is not losing money on the policy (meaning the teacher is paid whether the make-up time is used or not)? They’re posed as questions because only you can provide the answers. Generic drugs should be interchangeable with originators in terms of quality and efficacy. In China, medical doctors doubt the efficacy and quality of generic drugs manufactured domestically. If a generic drug has also been registered in Europe, U.S., or Japan, the applicant can apply to renew registration for the generic drug in China without conducting additional comparative studies. Generic drugs are usually registered based on a single in vivo comparative bioavailability study for the demonstration of bioequivalence to the originator drug. With relative lower prices, generic drugs are playing an important role in controlling health expenditures and ensuring access. Missed lessons (for any reason including illness) by the student will not be made up. For carrying out the re‐evaluation, these challenges include enlarging the capacity of the Chinese drug regulatory body to review applications; ensuring the availability and selection of appropriate comparator drugs; and ensuring the capacity of domestic clinical research sites for conducting clinical trials. Student/family vacation: How much advanced notice is appropriate? Lessons learnt from providing technical assistance to Chinese generic medicines manufactures to achieve the WHO Prequalification standards. Generic drugs firms, depends on the availability of appropriate comparators, should conduct either comparative bioequivalence studies or full scale clinical trials. What sort of documentation is appropriate? With quality assured generic drugs available on the domestic market, it is anticipated that a great potential savings would be achieved. Fifth, the enforcement of re‐evaluation could create a “quality oriented” healthy market environment and reduce the pressure for generic producers to use unhealthy competition measures such as financial inducement. To address these concerns, the Chinese State Council released a policy in 2016 to ensure the interchangeability by re‐evaluating the quality and efficacy of generic drugs. Make up a missed lesson-New policy to ensure the. 2012). In the Asian Pacific region, lack of clear bioequivalence assessment system contributes to the mistrust in the quality of generic drugs (Nguyen et al. I will schedule extra lessons to make up the time during the week, a double lesson if time allows, even in special circumstances (and if I am available) I will do a make up lesson on the weekend or during the school holidays. Missed Lesson Policy There will NOT be a make-up lesson nor will there be a refund for any lessons missed unless the instructor is notified at least 24 hours prior to swim time , in that case, the missed lesson may be made-up and will be given 3 months to make up the missed lesson (Exception: see sickness policy below). How many cancellations “tips the balance”? You can cancel and reschedule lessons through your TakeLessons account anytime up to 24 hours before your lesson. There is no right answer to the question “What should the policy be?” It’s just important that the policy is defined and consistently enforced. than private lessons. Missed Lessons. This can be achieved through education to the public/consumers and health professionals, such as incorporating generic drugs related topics into the curricula or training programs of pharmacy colleges (Alrasheedy et al. What happens when a student falls behind or fails to progress as a result? We acknowledge the valuable comments of Dr. Klara Tisocki from WHO Western Pacific Regional Office and Yang Yu from Medicines Evaluation Board in the Netherlands. Once the renewing application with the requested studies is submitted, the development and production sites will be inspected and three consecutive batches will be tested to control the quality of the drug products by the corresponding institutions of drug regulatory authority in China, e.g. The aim is to develop policy guidelines, to exchange information between all the directorates [...] concerned, and to ensure that the best use is made of the funding Your tuition fees secure an exclusive lesson time slot in my schedule each week. How much could be saved in Chinese hospitals in procurement of anti‐hypertensives and anti‐diabetics? An absence is excused with 24 hours notice. 2016). Missed Lesson Policy Tuition is based on a 9-month period (September-May) and divided into monthly payment installments that can be paid with different payment options listed on the registration form. Our price is extremely competitive. Written by Cathy Conrad & under Policies and Procedures. After 48 hours all lessons are charged in full. If this were the case we would appreciate as much notice as possible, as this may enable us to find an alternative session for your child. Missed lesson policy and your studio, Surprising Albums from the 21st Century (Just a Few), Riot Grrrl Movement: A Revolution in the Punk Scene. We do provide make-up lessons. The policy could achieve several benefits by increasing confidence on the Chinese produced generic drugs, upgrading regulatory standards, streamlining the Chinese generic drug industry and creating a healthy competition market. If available, the originator drugs should be used as comparators for the first choice, otherwise the “well‐established” generic drugs as comparators can also be accepted. Short term illness: What if a student gets the flu or something sudden? I’d like to explain to other parents why I feel […] It’s not uncommon to follow the same practice a medical office does: If a lesson is canceled with less than 24 (or 48) hours notice, full payment is due. If your child is unable to attend their normal lesson for any reason, Did the student forget the lesson? ; Jack missed the trashcan when he threw the ball of paper. Material will be provided to cover for planned vacation if requested 2 weeks in advance; So please work with me to make sure your weekly scheduled lesson time is one you will be able to stick to. The verb miss in English has a number of different uses and meanings. 1. For the generic drugs without a comparator, a three‐year extension can be granted for conducting the full scale clinical efficacy and safety trials. When do you work with the teacher and decide to drop the student and make room for new students who will show up regularly? From the perspective of drug regulation, a generic drug should be interchangeable with the originator drug in the aspects of quality, clinical efficacy, and safety (European Medicines Agency 2012; U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2015). This applies more to classes (ballet, karate, art, etc.) before 9:00 AM on the day of the lesson in order to be entitled to a make-up lesson. Faculty Senate policy website. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. Taking the consumption of two widely used medicines–anti‐hypertensives and anti‐diabetics–in public hospitals in China between 2012 and 2014, a total of US$ 4.2 billion could be saved from switching to generic formulations (Sun et al. Fourth, the Chinese generic companies will be streamlined and standardized by forcing to remove low quality and excessive production lines. Advance notification must be provided for all planned absences. Are make-up activities covered as private sessions or group activities like a master class? Please email: with your child's name, student number and the class they missed and we will send the materials, complete with answers, to you for your child to review for the next lesson. Is there a consistent policy on make-up lessons or classes in the event of legitimate “excused absence”? Learn more. Remember, it’s much less important what the policy is than that there is a policy. The in vivo comparative bioavailability studies or the in vitro comparative dissolution tests should be conducted depending on whether bioequivalence studies can be waived. I worked for a manager who used to say “your job is to get the work done, mine is to run interference with problems so you’re not distracted.” I have to say that working in that environment was one of the most pleasurable I ever experienced. 2014; AL‐Tamimi et al. This also removes the teacher from the middle of the equation and reduces stress on them. The similar work for re‐ensuring the interchangeability of generic drugs with originator drugs has been or is being done by the regulatory bodies of some developed nations, such as Japan and U.S. Generic drugs are usually sold at lower prices compared with the originator drugs, and play an important role in controlling health expenditures and ensuring access (Cameron et al. Number of times cited according to CrossRef: Innovative highlights of clinical drug trial design. Studio Helper emails can be used to verity this with parents, “just in case.” Not that a student ever invents a reason to miss lessons/classes (ahem) right? First, we expect an increased confidence in the quality of domestic generic drugs by the public. Makeup lessons will not be offered for missed lessons, and refunds will not be issued. In the first phase, the re‐evaluation for the chemical drugs with an oral solid dosage form registered before October 1st, 2007 and listed in the National Essential Medicine List (2012 edition) is planned to be complete by the end of 2018. ; The basketball star hardly ever misses a basket. Prior blog entries have already touched on benefits of having a “studio handbook” addressing responsibilities and procedures. This initiative intends to make up a missed lesson in the development course of generic drugs regulation in China. We also encourage you to chat with your teacher if you need to take a longer period of absence from lessons. Need to reschedule your music lesson with Music Makers of Western Springs? Cancellation policy. Home Info. Prompt attendance at all lessons and at least 8 group classes is required. Such cancelations will be made up by us during open times that exist in our schedule or during the scheduled make-up times (see the yearly schedule); or, if… Missed Lesson/Class Policy All lessons and classes missed due to faculty absence or emergency closure will be made up or credited to your account. You get an extra lesson on those months. Do you have a make up policy for missed lessons? That way, there’s consistency and the “wiggle room” opening the door for complaints and parents feeling unfairly treated is reduced or eliminated (Example: one teacher offers a make-up, a sibling’s instructor another doesn’t). To ask for more time from instructors to teach make-up sessions means having a way to pay them for the additional time. The studio runs much like a private school; Tuition remains Prior blog entries have already touched on benefits of having a “studio handbook” addressing responsibilities and … Missed: A lesson is marked missed if you were unable to make it to your lesson and the lesson was not canceled or rescheduled. If you know the attendance record from Studio Helper reports, talking with parents is based on facts, not perceptions. Working off-campus? Today, let’s have a look at the most common ways to use miss.. We use miss when an object fails to reach its target:. You can plan around part of this by allowing for major holidays in scheduling (4th of July, Labor Day, the week between Christmas & New Year’s Day), but spring is particularly challenging since school districts can select different weeks for “Spring Break.”. Do you offer a “carry forward” credit for the future? Family emergency; Religious observances Learn about our remote access options, Division of General Management, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control and WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Quality Assurance, No.2, Tiantanxili, Dongcheng, Beijing, China, Health System Specialist, WHO Representative Office in South Africa, 351 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street, Pretoria, South Africa, Mingzhe Xu, Division of General Management, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control and WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Quality Assurance, No.2, Tiantanxili, Dongcheng District, 100050 Beijing, China. Missed Lesson Policy If your child is unable to attend their lesson for any reason, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. SGAC Absentee/Missed Lesson Policy – effective from 1st January 2020 Absentee/Missed Lesson Policy 2020 – Aquatics & Gymnastics for All (GfA) classes In the event your child is sick or away on holidays, we offer up to 2 make-up lessons for Aquatics & 2 make-up