Later on at the train station I fell walking up the stairs. A compact ladder and a trapdoor designed in minimalist style provide access to the attic. If You Have Carpeted Stairs. Steep and cramped, they were space-efficient but difficult to ascend, making them defensible against intruders. Alexa Erickson Updated: Aug. 11, 2020. I must say that my partner (Dutch one) fall from one of them and broke his leg! Subscribe to my newsletters to receive news, articles and information about upcoming online courses by email. Ich sag nur: “death trap“… […], […] Ik kookte ondertussen bijna van ingehouden woede! This led to so many problems that eventually the government took over the installation of piles, and introduced a tax to cover the cost, based on the width of the house that was built. If I go to Holland one year and never make it back to New York, it’s because these stairs got the better of me. If you grew up in a house with steep steps, you probably wouldn't have any problems with these. 0. Mar 29, 2019 - I flew to The Netherlands yesterday to do a space clearing consultation and, as always, was struck by how flat the country is. so now I will keep the stairs and just make them look prettier. Your email address will not be published. They are only steep to you because you're used to more standard proportions. Just as important as the the location of your staircase is the shape. Axel wanted nothing at all to do with the stairs, while Isak was much more daring. Vor allem runter trage ich ihn fast immer. There was no room in any direction to make them less steep or shallow. Vooral de trap af til ik hem bijna altijd. New homes have to follow Residential Building Codes, while older homes often get a pass. I also visited some friends in Eindhoven. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s definitely a Dutch thing. Completely false. It might be a surprise to some, but stairs outside Amsterdam are actually quite normal. The house was built on the site of a chicken-shed and was expanded twice before I was born. merlok13/Imgur. Did the up and down running for 21 years. Steep stairs? A great read too – love the history in it by way of explanation. One of my first jobs was as a bus person at a formal restaurant that had three staircases like the one you speak of in this article – one was particularly steep and treacherous… the top end of this floor was where I seemed to get placed most frequently, and carrying tubs full of dishes down those stairs took a LOT of concentration. Visiting me at a friends place, my mother found this even more scary as she was scared of heights. After 2 years of living in the lowlands our expat-provided accommodation ran out, so we naively embarked on a Amsterdam house-hunting mission. You’ll find those stairs only in a few monumental (and therefore left in original state) buildings, who can only be found in a small number of cities where they make up less then a percent of the total number of houses. Step 3 Use your hammer to remove old treads as you replace them. Straight stairs are especially versatile because they can be linked by landings, and may also incorporate several types of turns. Nope, lived in Tilburg… Lived in 6 houses there with the exact same issue… And my sister in The Hague has had the same kind of stairs as well… Older houses have higher ceilings and steeper narrower stairs… But they are lovely…. It’s a practical thing and quite easy to live with once you get used to it…..until you get home drunk that is..! […], […] have to be very careful when going up or down the stairs, I trip […], […] Mir ging mittlerweile echt fast die Hutschnur hoch! In 2007 we, along with another family, rented an apartment for a week in A’dam right near the Overtoom….WOW…the stairs were crazy…the apartment was on the 2nd & 3rd floor….we could barely get up the stairs with our kids & strollers & suitcases. If you don’t like it, practice a lot, it gets better. It looks misplaced, even comical, but a random toilet in the basement of an old house once served a purpose. Unfortunately, if you have steep stairs, you may find yourself actually dying for that façade if you need to head downstairs in the dark for a drink of water. Here in Groningen I live at the moment in a student house. IK was niet diegene die heeft besloten dat hij 5 maanden te vroeg naar de peuters doorstroomt! The center hall with staircase is in the oldest tradition of the English and American house. Of course, I later found out that such staircases were not so unusual in the Netherlands and were characteristic of the 17th-century canal houses. I figured I just didn’t have the. Old houses often have these tiny kitchens, which make a great place for storing your food. I lived there for 12 years and especially in the early days, I found certain staircases terrifying. But i am not used to them and when I visit and have to go downstairs from the third floor guest room to the restroom on the second floor I fear for me life. Back at the boyfriends house, his room was up in the attic, and coming down the stairs on the 1st day I was there I tripped and fell until I reached the 2nd floor. Here's how you can make them steep stairs safer. This was not in Amsterdam, but in the Dutch countryside, where many working-class houses were smaller than ours. My Grandfather and his brother built his house here in the US, in Ohio. When I worked in an HIFI/Television shop in Amsterdam in the pre-flatscreen era, I was so glad I wasn’t the guy who had to deliver the big televisions to the 4th floor. I’ve nearly died a few times! A stair 12-feet high requires a landing to break up the span. We enjoyed it Dutch stairs and all. Many second front doors on homes, particularly Bungalows, lead from the front porch to the master bedroom. How this enterprising method of tax avoidance ever caught on in a country that is best known for wearing slip-on wooden shoes, I will never know. So exciting to see! Many visitors prefer modern hotels with elevators for this reason. Jul 18, 2015 - How to Make Steep Interior Stairs Bigger. An under-the-stairs nook off the foyer is the kind of odd space old houses are prized for. To tell the truth, I was scared. Wow! Not only are you dealing with an impossibly steep descent, but the teeny-tiny stairs don’t even allow for a full footstep, Needless to say, we didn’t end up of taking the canal view apartment. To safely ascend requires climbing on all fours with the additional help of teeth and fingernails, but this is nothing compared to the precision and trust in almighty forces of benevolence that are required to navigate a descent. (To us, anyway.) Thanks to my firm dutch behind . Centuries ago, when folk used to do their own construction, some skimped on how deep their piles were sunk, which caused not only their own house to lean but sometimes adjacent buildings too. I remember my auntie and uncle’s farmhouse out in the country very well for the impossible steep and narrow stairs. The whole process felt a bit like the story of “The Three Bears”: too small, too big, too hard, too soft – you get the idea. Add message | Report | See all Lizcat Mon 05-Dec-11 14:15:20 So, since the minimum tread size is 10”, a nosing will extend the tread depth to between 10-3/4” and 11-1/4”. We never knew why they built them like this and now I know. That may be a problem if your stairs need to be steep in order to fit in a small space. Easy, simply build yourself a very tall, very skinny house which requires a crazy-ass set of stairs! Those steep and narrow stairs in Dutch houses are indeed a menace if you don’t grow up with them. I had forgotten about those stairs. I have seen so many houses with steep stairs. This was at a friend’s house in Amsterdam center. Many houses had a second "back" stairs for the servants to use, to both access their quarters and to tend to family. I like your blog when it is funny and points out our strange habits and likings. Yes. The house is only abou 15years old. As with all victorian two floor houses you come into a very narrow corridor followed by stairs leading up to the second floor almost immediately. 23 of 35. When I was a kid, I had to use a ladder to get to my room from the ground floor, ever since I could walk. I don’t believe this can only be found in Amsterdam, but everywhere in the Netherlands. They were narrow and steep and made no sense. They were both puzzled, but they couldn’t agree about what to do. That old law could explain why old Dutch houses were so narrow. The girls skipped down at high speed and I sent up a silent prayer of thanks for the occasional handrail! And it’s not only old buildings either: I’ve seen insane stairs in brand new public buildings around here. My friend wears them on his motorbike in all weathers! (huh, but what about the Dutch’s massive feet??). It was great spot to be in for the week. no they are not!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This explains so much! While this can work very well, in some houses it can narrow the rooms at the front of the house considerably. This way, couples could open the windows and doors, turn on a couple fans and enjoy a cooling breeze. These staircases are challenging enough in bare feet, positively suicidal in socks, and almost beyond the bounds of possibility in clogs. If you want more attractive stairs for the interior of your house, use hardwood. It made me cry !! We had a stair gate at the top for a while, but she soon started crawling up and we took it off. Like to read more articles like this? So, our basement stairs are dangerously steep. (“It’s really more like a ladder”, my mother said.) If you do, you just race up and down them with learned brain-body athleticism I must say, I’ve never seen those wicked “butcher-block” stairs on that first stair-case photo. Nov 13, 2017 - Explore Julie Darling's board "steep staircase" on Pinterest. But when I check some of the other reviews they also mention steep stairs so just wondered if it is normal for hotels in the centre. Now I understand. I suppose that the boss paid the rent! Ich kann […]. Never realized the stairs in Dutch houses were any different from those in other countries. I can’t believe they made them that way. 1. share. I flew to The Netherlands yesterday to do a space clearing consultation and, as always, was struck by how flat the country is. Besides the obvious concerns of falling, tripping, and slipping, these narrow, steep stairs pose additional hazards in the event of an emergency or fire. Rather more used to it now, but it took a while. Stairs in the rest of the Netherlands are NOT normal!!! Our 1888 Victorian is a little smaller than yours (no double parlor) but we have a back staircase. Needless to say, we didn’t end up of taking the canal view apartment. Here’s Why Old Houses Have a Random Toilet in the Basement. Ever climbed stairs in medieval castles or seen the servant’s staircases in English country homes, in cottages and farmhouses, in terraced houses of the early 20th century in Paris? Why Are Victorian Houses So Creepy? And you already know this. My brother lives in Australia and when he and his Australian wife came over a couple of months ago, they told me that my stairs (I live in a typical Dutch house dating from 1971) wouldn’t pass Australian building regulations. Okay, stairs. There is a sense of truth in it, funny thing is also quite often people “born and raised” in certain area never seem to have a problem (for example an airport), the trouble starts with the new comers. You might also be able to hide your water tank using this approach. 2 risers + 1 tread = 64 cm The maximum comfort is given at 17 cm riser with a tread of 30 cm giving 30.38 degrees. I figured I just didn’t have the Dutch-bike-balancing-circus-act qualities required for such a daily feat. In October, I fractured my foot. How about using a rope or a pole to get down on main floor while you’re at it! This is really funny. This is so true…it was one of the first things I noticed when I first visited Amsterdam! I never understood what would possess people to create such an unusable disaster. There are few features in old houses more underappreciated than the stairs. Must Dutchies tho, run up and down stairs no hands 2 steps at a time easy peasy, just becaust they have so much experience. Now she's totally cool and walks up and down. One of my coworkers would put both of his lower legs up on the railings and just slide down with dishes on his lap (only allowed after all the customers were gone though!). Yes they get dirty (hand held vacuums are key) but they also make the stairs feel so much safer and more comfortable for kids, dogs and less agile adults. It didn’t lead to a landing, which would be a waste of space, but to a hole in the floor next to my bed, covered by a wooden hatch. The row houses in the south do have the small stairs, according to my non-Dutch boyfriend. […] tall, often blond, and usually quite blunt Their treacherous stairs are an acrobatic […], […] stilul arhitectonic al caselor vechi din Amsterdam. Ours are super steep, so we had to have them gated off for years and had our kid convinced that they were just for the cats. -made that up in a few minutes, perhaps you’ve got something there-. She is 80+, and not very agile any more – dreading the day that she misjudges the stairs…, It’s funny because most other people have trouble going up the stairs in my house and look terrified, while i love running up and down the stairs and sounding like a giant doing it . Fix STEEP Basement Stairs. None. 2: dutchies like to interfere with your business, but wont let you interfere with theirs (eg: try asking a dogowner to clean up the dogs turd after it took a dump). ... 1st thing to do in my basement reno was to replace the old open steep and narrow stairs. Next time I’d: make the boxes smaller; and try to make sure I’d have more than one person helping me. Often these are cheap, prebuilt MDF stairs that are narrow, steep, and a hazard to everyone: toddler, teenager, adult, and senior alike. The goods were not carried up the narrow stairs but hoisted up from street level with a rope using a special beam. keep in mind that room needs to be adequate for the basement stairs … My sister and brother-in-law just had their home (nowhere near Amsterdam btw) extended and the stairs up to the guest bedrooms are ridiculously steep! merlok13/Imgur. My old house was a terrace with very steep stairs and several of my many viewers cited them as the reason why they didn't want to buy it. Here are 8 types of stairs to consider Back in the day, canal houses were taxed on their width, meaning that the wider your house, the more taxes you paid. Some of the other stair types create a privacy barrier between the floors of your home. IK kan er niks aan doen dat de peutergroepen op de eerste en tweede verdieping zitten! . Maar wie onze trap thuis kent, snapt ook wel waarom! and attic stairs—are expected to last a lifetime. Anyhoo, I think runners are great on long, narrow or steep stairs – less so on stairs that have a turn or landing. English winding or circular stairs were reserved for more personal spaces, such as bedchambers. We in the south of the Netherlands don’t really have many of them luckly , Note many Dutch people would die for such an apartment, because they are considered so romantical…, I would disagree with steep, narrow steps only being in Amsterdam ‘grachtenpanden’. … Some are worse then other. Anyway, if you grow up with it you can’t imagine it’s hard to climb them. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. Without a doubt, there is no house that I’ve been to in NL built before 2000 that has what the rest of the world considers “normal” steps. I think Ikea designed their flatpack furniture with us in mind. No, they are not. in a country where there’s flooding I would want something steep to climb when the waters start rising. Some stairs are made of tile or highly polished wood that is more slippery than stone, carpet, or painted wood. How aptly named, for they are a trap indeed, of the death-trap variety!! Many older homes are long on architectural details, but short on closet space. But something I had not realized on any of my previous visits is how extraordinarily tall many … Continue reading → Rubbish. I always did that with my nephew! As a little kid my brothers and I would crawl into sleeping bags and roll down the stairs.