You can either thin your paint again, to create a smoother finish – OR…use it straight out of the can. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, partly because of a lack of organization. I moved it into our den to take pictures and love how it looks in there. To get this chippy look I just applied Vaseline where I … The Purple Painted Lady® ~ the serial no. This chalk painted filing cabinet is so pretty, and has a touch of Mid Century Modern to make it on trend. Hi, I'm Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl. After 24 hours, then paint your second coat. All of that just with chalk paint? Thin your paint with water. 99% of the time I would be happy to allow you to use one photo with appropriate credit and link back to (preferably to the same post it was borrowed from.) Because of that, I decided that the boring beige color had to go and I gave it a quick and SUPER cheap makeover! You may need two or three coats of paint to cover your metal filing cabinet but this is better than spraying too much material onto the surface in one application. The finished file cabinet turned out even better than I’d imagined! You do not want to rub hard enough where it ends up acting like a wet distress. Then sand with 220- or 400-grit sandpaper followed by the application of a metal primer. El Paso Weekly Ad - AceHardware - Let Ace Hardware provide you with great hardware products and advice from our official online home. (it does not matter the unit of measure- just keep this ratio the same). Tiered Tray “Cookies & Milk” Workshop in our Macedon NY Location ….Thursday. So, if you had 1 cup of paint- you could add UP TO 1/4 cup of water. Can Chalk Paint® go over a previously crackled piece, HOW TO CLEAN YOUR PAINTED and WAXED CABINETS, Paint Your Fireplace, Mantle or Surround with Chalk Paint®, Chalk Paint® on a Pine Wood Floor With Annie’s Lacquer for Protection, Create a Custom Chalk Paint® Color? Learn how your comment data is processed. Last week, it was The cabinet was washed first, I did not put ANY wax or finish on it and I used metal! We are here to help you, our customers! Chalk Painted Filing Cabinet [tutorial] Here’s how my filing cabinet looked before it’s transformation… Gather up: Americana Décor Chalky Finish paint in Refreshing. I’m working in my craft room to give it a major overhaul and make it a much more functional and creative space. Sand rusty areas with 220-grit wet/dry sandpaper to flatten lumps and remove residue. Link to our open hours by location- click HERE. This looks so good…love love love that red shade, it feels retro somehow. What was explained to me is to use long even strokes of wax, wipe off any excess and then move on. Not a dry brush, but you do not want to apply it heavy. I live to break stereotypes and empower you to take on your own DIY project. Aesthetically, not so much. How to Paint a Vintage Metal Cabinet. I have a big old brown cabinet of my own that needs an update. Unless you plan on painting it, you want to remove all of the hardware off of your file cabinet. The marble paper on this filing cabinet is stunning; I never would have guessed it’s a DIY. Love these legs! It was the last page of the magazine. This filing cabinet went from drab to fab for sure! When we finish making over the closet, it will be moved to a more prominent location that will be more visible, especially if the curtains are left open. This is such a fun project, and it just took some chalk paint, some antiquing wax and a few details. I have a friend who researched the best chalk paint for kitchen cabinets and painted them in chalk paint all over the course of a week. We also purchased liquid nails after much debate and reading sooo many different articles, where people used different glues. Remove anything that may be in the drawers of the cabinet. This is such a cute idea! There’s a bit of a learning curve associated with finishing wax, but once you get the hang of it, it’s such a great way to finish your chalk painted furniture. If you plan to use a paint sprayer, you’ll need to prep the paint. … I love it!! Wipe down the file cabinet with a wet cloth and that is it! BUY PRODUCT FROM …..THE PURPLE PAINTED LADY®: First- if you have a local stockist- go visit them and build a relationship with them. Maybe a silly question but does ‘chalk’ painting something you can write on it with chalk? To begin the process of chalk painting on metal, I will water down my paint if I need to. This paint dries fast.  It will definitely look good against the navy and white curtains covering the closet, though. Dissolve rust … All images and tutorials on this blog are copyrighted material. If you want to hide rusted areas inside the cabinet – chalk paint will be perfect to use. Just spray your first coat of paint on and let it dry, then go over with a second coat. Go to them with your questions and project issues. Check out our Information tab and come and meet us! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!! The Purple Painted Lady® found an article in Better Homes and Gardens in March 2015. Here’s what you’ll need to do this project yourself! This file cabinet is one of the things that goes in that closet. $20 seemed to be the going price for file cabinets (which by the way, there were several) however I waited a few days to find the right price tag of $10. OK?! Turns out, removing filing cabinet drawers is embarrassingly simple! How fast? And, just so you know, when you place an order with The Purple Painted Lady. We want you to be successful! our MAIN STORE at 77 West Main Street in Macedon, NY 14502, 3200 West Ridge Road in Rochester, NY 14626 (The Shops On West Ridge). I did 3 coats of paint for both the base and drawers plus a … And if I do say so myself- we offer the BEST customer service that you will ever experience!Lastly- if I was helpful to you- ….please consider leaving a positive review on my Facebook business page sharing your positive experience or thoughts about The Purple Painted Lady®. Can you paint metal with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan? To make the file cabinet feel truly at home, it needed a mini-makeover. Disassemble two 8 x 10 frames. I love it! Tape off the edges of the unpainted areas so you don’t get paint all over the inside of the file cabinet. This looks fun. I like using the sample-sized paint containers because they’re cheap and if it’s a project where I’m not sure how much paint I’ll need, at least I know I won’t go way over by buying a quart. I took an old tan metal filing cabinet in my office and put chalk paint on that. Beautiful ombre metal filing cabinet painted with Chalk Paint®️️ colors Emile, Henrietta, and Old White by Charlotte of Ciburbanity. Wait 24 hours before applying your second coat…and …..don’t try to scratch the paint off because you will be successful. A fresh coat of paint gives new life to vintage metal cabinets. These will add a decorative touch to the front of the cabinet. Nov. 19, 2020 from 7pm to 9pm. Pretty kitchen! Sanding Chalk Paint® Before OR After Waxing? Once your paint is strained, you need to thin it with water. Americana Décor Crème Wax. Then you can finish with a coat of acrylic latex paint… I have a file cabinet I would like to paint but I want it to also be functional. If you use a paint sprayer, the entire job takes minutes vs. hours. Your choice! You'll first need to prepare the filing cabinet for painting. PERSONALIZED THE “CHRISTMAS TRUCK DOOR DECOR” IN OUR MACEDON NY LOCATION ….SATURDAY. I found a filing cabinet at Goodwill awhile back for just .99 cents, so of course I brought it home. Nonetheless, applying chalk paint can be a little time consuming as you might have to apply at least one coat wax or varnish over the chalk paint cabinet layer. Really pretty one year later. It spreads very easily. The other amazing thing is that there’s virtually no prep work. Using the same shade of chalk paint, apply a coat or two and allow to dry. Supply List. Aug 5, 2014 - Explore Donna Gandy's board "Painted file cabinets", followed by 174 people on Pinterest. Thin your paint with water. This modern and simple design was created with just paint … *  We ship orders out every since week day all over the US. Medium size brush & small detail brush. Can I paint over Chalk Paint® later if I change my mind about the color? Technically you could clean your metal or wood filing cabinet for your filing cabinet makeover, and then just add paper or fabric directly onto the surface using Podge. Painting the cabinets using chalk paints is not a big deal. She noted in the article “I wasn’t sure the {Annie Sloan} Chalk Paint® would adhere to metal as well as it does to wood, but there is not a nick to be found.”. Doing this will leave your paint job with drip marks. After six months, she found herself repainting all of the cabinets in latex because the surface of the wax attracted dirt making her entire kitchen look dingy – and not in a farmhouse shabby chic sort of way. Whether you are looking for paint, lawn & garden supplies, hardware or tools, Ace Hardware has everything you need! First I cleaned it, then I painted it with my homemade Chalk Paint. It featured a blogger,Ciburbanity (Charlotte Smith) I kept it because I was impressed with her project! Just a couple of bolts and I was pretty much done! Hey there everyone! What I love so much about BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder is that there’s virtually no waste. The ratio will be 1 cup of chalk paint to a 1/4 cup of water. It also doubles as an office that I share with my husband. Commercial products to chalk paint cabinets are expensive and Annie Sloan‘s original version requires some work to track down. I’ll have more to share with you all as the entire craft room/office progresses! Prime the cabinets with the metal primer. 2. The chalk paint dries quickly with great coverage. Metal filing cabinet turned into a wood filing cabinet for home office. A DIY Blog Empowering You to Complete Your Own Project. First and foremost, strain your paint! Maybe add 20 to 25% to your paint. I am long overdue for investing in a paint sprayer. I mean super fast! I just have a short and positive story about chalk paint. The hardware is what secures the photo frames to the front of the filing cabinet drawers (you can't count on the hot glue holding forever). Then, paint your first coat. Your cabinets look so nice. Prepare the metal cabinet for painting. With a coat of chalk paint and new hardware, you can transform a plain filing cabinet into a stylish piece of decor for your office. Transfer the file cabinet base and drawers to the work surface. Paint the rest of the filing cabinet with the Chalkboard paint. Then…..WAIT! Once your piece is all painted and you love the look of it- apply your wax. Lowe’s sells little cone paint strainers (they look like coffee filters) for $.98 a four pack. 2 coats was enough for me. Use a spray primer if you can find it, as spray painting the … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Second, the chalk paint actually absorbs the wax and acts as a connection between the metal and the wax. Otherwise- if you are not located near me- the following information may apply to you. One of the biggest projects we’re taking on is completely making over the closet. While you certainly could experiment with just the wax, I’m afraid there might be two potential problems: first, I don’t think you’ll have as much variation to the patina. *  If you order before 3 pm EASTERN TIME any day Monday thru Friday – we will ship out your package that SAME day. I would sand the rusted areas to smooth them out first, then add one or … So, if you had 1 cup of paint- you could add UP TO 1/4 cup of water. To protect the inside of the cabinet from overspray or paint dripping through, cover all of the holes from the inside using masking or painter’s tape. Brooke at ‘All Things Thrifty’ took a 99 cent filing cabinet from GoodWill that looked like a beat up old metal box, and turned it into this. (it does not matter the unit of measure- just keep this ratio the same) I’ve already replaced the closet doors with curtains and I love how much easier it has made it to get to things in the closet. 2 – sample sized containers of paint (I used Valspar Cut Ruby). Old Metal File Cabinet turned into Trash Bin Holder This is a before picture of the old file cabinet. Paint Delivery- get it in from the hot or cold ASAP! Time to mix your chalk paint. From the mid 1930s to the mid 1960s, metal cabinets for kitchens were popular and stylish. Once the entire cabinet is painted and dry, you need to protect it with wax. And by mini-makeover, I mean two $2 bottles of spray paint… We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. TIP FOR PAINTING METAL WITH CHALK PAINT®: MIX WITH WATER:  A tip when painting metal or anything super smooth with Chalk Paint®. I wasn’t quite sure how this would go, but it was extremely easy to remove everything. We took beaded board, small wood rosettes that can be used for door moldings, 1x2 trim wood, and new hardware. I can be contacted via email: PrettyHandyGirl (at) is 86/641,416 with the US Trademark Office. *  We offer low flat rate UPS shipping cost so if you are one town away or 10 states away- the shipping cost is the same. The picture below is midway through the painting process. Got to say, that’s pretty impressive. Use your wax brush or wax cloth to apply the wax. Use 220 grit sandpaper to remove any … Nov. 21, 2020 from 1pm til 3pm. There’s no rule that says you have to paint your filing cabinet before Mod Podging it. You will apply it just the same as you would if you didn’t water down the paint. We have two locations in western NY. This pretty in pink “Thank You” filing cabinet is calling my name. Hi Carolyn – Painting the file cabinets does not in anyway interfere with opening and closing of the drawers. But hey, did I mention this? As for buying any of the products we mentioned earlier in this post- I hope that you select The Purple Painted Lady® to be your one stop resource! I recommend moving the cabinet into the shade or inside while waxing. Start painting! You can paint your metal cabinets, but you would first want to clean them with an industrial cleaner to remove any kitchen grease and particulates. If the rust does show back up, I will paint that area again! The stunning makeover made … Just wondering if this is a term in looks only?? Americana Décor Chalky Finish paint in Everlasting. A chalk painted stencilled filing cabinet: a great way to take an old or boring filing cabinet to a whole new level using Country Chic Chalk Paint and a Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil. If you choose to paint your cabinet using a roller or paint brush, you can get started from this point. Pretty Handy Girl is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Here is a link to my Facebook page=>. I have one of these file cabinets and it is just the ugliest eye sore, if I can talk my husband into moving it for me Im totally going to paint it! These considerations have led to a plethora … : )  And I will be here to help you as you progress through your future project! You are inspiring me to make it happen. I would love to give this a try. The HomeRight paint sprayer that I use comes with everything you need to do this, plus great instructions. Please contact me if you would like to borrow any media (photos, video or audio files), tutorials, or ideas from this blog. See more ideas about painted file cabinets, filing cabinet, file cabinet makeover. One article even said it covered rust (see photo below), which is great because there were a few rusty spots on the file cabinet. Use our tool, How To Use a Projector to Transfer an Image, Painting a Union Jack with Chalk Paint®- Correctly, Difference Between Annie Sloan’s “White” Chalk Paint® Colors, Differences in Annie Sloan’s “Grey” Chalk Paint® Colors, Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint®- Tell Me All About It, The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Mixer, Once your piece is finished, buff it with a lint free wax cloth. Steel Wool- Make Your Piece as Smooth as Glass. BUT- if you do not have a local stockist- we invite you to try our customer service! DEC. 5, 2020 FROM 12PM TIL 3PM, Opening the Lids off Litres of Chalk Paint, When To Use Shellac: Water Stains, Wood Tannins Bleeding, Raw Wood (Video Link). Easy to Paint. Check out these other high-tech paints. *  We have awesome follow up customer service, too! Drill the drawer pulls into the front of the "frame." Chalk paint it so magical and BBFrosch takes the cake. Make sure it is uniform and light. MIX WITH WATER: A tip when painting metal or anything super smooth with Chalk Paint®. Just press up on the bar on the underside of the drawer as you pull the drawer out, and it will slide out easily! Functionally, it was exactly what I needed. As you can see, my cabinet was also black to start with. Before and After, bloggers, cabinet, chalk paint, Closet renovation, Contributor, DIY, DIY tools, DIYCourage, Do It Yourself, Home Decor, Home Office, painting, Painting & Antiquing Techniques, renovation, Spray paint metal, storage, Upcycling. There is a lot of science in paint products and give the paint the time it needs to allow its chemistry to happen.

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